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As a consultant in an adult store and also a speaker at many sex positive events I have found that one of the most common questions that is asked is ‘where are the boy’s toys?’ Because when you walk into an adult store – it seems that the majority of the store is set up for girls and that unless you’re into anal play the only real toys for boys are masturbators and cock rings. Truth be told – you can use almost any toys on boys and it doesn’t have to be internally. A small clitoral vibrator on his nipples, and ears, a strong vibrator on your throat for oral sex which will cause your throat to vibrate as you’re deep throating. There are a few companies that have also recognised the perception of a lack of boy toys and have come up with the guybrators – vibrators specifically made for guys bodies. The thing about male sex toys is that with a little creativity you can use almost any toy on a boy.


male sex toys

This website will go through the standard toys – anal play, cock ring play, masturbators as well as provide a few handy tips and tricks in spicing up both the single and coupled up toys. Now before you freak out about being replaced- let me be up front. Neither my staff, nor I, ever in our combined experiences in an adult store have we heard of any boy/girl being replaced by a sex toy. It just doesn’t happen. So don’t think about that and just enjoy the extra pleasure that you can give yourself, and your partner? Let’s start by looking at a few reasons you might want to get some sex toys.


To Improve Your Style

You wouldn't use a household item as dildo so why would you use a hand lotion to jerk off your dick? Firstly, it dries out; secondly put some love on your dick by investing in some good quality masturbation lubricant. They’re safer, nicer and the feeling will just blow your mind – you can even get some warming and cooling ones as well for some extra twist!


Don’t get too used to your hand

Ever felt like you were stuck in a groove? You lube up, grab your dick, and move it in pretty much the same fashion as you do every other time just with different variances of speeds and twists? Hand jobs and masturbation are incredible, however sometimes you  really just yearn for a different sensation. It is precisely at this point that it’s become a prime opportunity to attempt a masturbation sleeve or some other masturbation device.


To help keep it up and lasting longer!

Penis Pumps give instant blood flow and can help expand your girth. They also provide sensation like no other male sex toy. With extended use and a little care, a few penis pump clients say that pumps can help you build the size of your penis while providing you not only with stronger erections, but more intense orgasms as well.

stronger erections

Ejaculate without moving

I'm not implying that you're lethargic! I know from individual experience that sometimes doing all the work makes it harder to unwind and concentrate on how great something feels. Enter the world of guybrators.  There are actually a few vibrators out there that are solely made for you and your dick! How good does that sound?


Prostate Health

You have a prostate, so why aren't you utilizing it? Prostate stimulation provides sexual wellbeing and could lead you to more grounded orgasms and in some cases – the ability to experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation! Anal toys come in all shapes and sizes, however there are a lot of toys out there purely for prostate stimulation.


Have orgies with toys!

There are a few sexual partners out there with seemingly insatiable appetites. It's been said that the more sex people have, the more they need. With the right toys around you, not only can you keep your own appetite sated but also your partners as well! Keep a quality silicone dildo around to twofold ones pleasure or keep the sex happening you have your climax or if you need to take a break!


Train your cock to last longer during sex

Cock rings are magnificent. You and your lover will both appreciate the advantages of these seemingly innocent toys. Cock rings limit blood from streaming out of the penis, keeping erections harder for longer, delaying orgasms and increasing the intensity of the orgasm.


To Do Something You or Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Do.

Does your neck hurt? Don’t feel like giving some oral pleasure? Maybe someone likes receiving oral sex more than you want to give it – there are a lot of toys that not only simulate oral sex but also do a good job of doing it. In order to give you and your own tongue a break. Or if you like toys in the ass and your partner doesn’t want to do it – why not just do it yourself? With permission of course!