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Cock Rings

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Basically, cock rings are a ring that you put on an erect or semi-erect penis, for the most part around the base of the shaft. What this does is clamp down on the arteries and help create a nice firm cock by restricting blood flow to and from the penis – they can create a ‘super erection’ of sorts – engorging the veins to form a nice firm erection. There are other types of cock rings that sit underneath the frenulum, halfway down the shaft, around the balls, cock and balls and these rings provide similar benefits with a few added in.

What is truly remarkable about cock rings is that they have been around until the end of time. While there isn't generally an accurate purpose of when the cock ring turned into an understood toy, the first cock rings have been said to have been found at old Greek locales, which isn’t really that much of a surprise considering how kinky our ancestors were.

cock ring

The period in which they are initially archived is amid China's Jin Dynasty, picking up notoriety amid the Song and Ming administration. Cockring's got to be the middle age crisis of modern age toys.  Cock Rings have been made with everything under the sun, from jade and ivory to animal skins (including goat eyelids - ew), and today's more favoured materials of steel, silicone, elastic, and plastic. Cock rings proceeded in their purpose of improvement until the Victorian period, whereby they were repurposed as devices to minimise erections.  They did this with a spiky or uncomfortable feeling ring put around boy’s and men's (yes, young men's and men's) cocks to make having an erection feel horrendous. Don't you adore how conflicting the Victorian age was? Once vibrators became more popular cock rings started to become once again objects of pleasure and started to become popular once again.


Now that’s the history of cock rings – how the hell do you use them?!

1. Find a cock ring: If you are new to wearing cock rings, my proposal would be to work out a comfortable material that suits what you need, ideally something produced using silicone. While steel cock rings are highly sought after and the crème de le crème of cock rings for their durability and firmness, beginning with a more basic piece suited to newbies will give you time to develop to the sort of experience you need to have with a cock ring. You can attempt a soft and squishy plastic, yet I generally like to tell people that silicone is less inclined to retain bacteria and since it will be around your cock, which will be soaked with sweat, sweaty balls and in all probability being pushed up against an anus or a vagina. It’s the ideal ring to run with that will keep going during long haul.

2. Once you get it home, you need to clean it. You should do this with all new toys that you buy regardless of what they come in, where you got them from or how well the store is. So give it a clean, with a small amount of cleanser and you’ll be home dry.



3. Slip it on, slip it on: Time to test your new cock ring! With a semi-erect or completely erect penis, extend the cock ring a bit. Slide it over the head of the penis, while all the while extending the base half underneath the head. Gradually slide the ring down the shaft of your penis, making a point not to get any stray pubic hairs. Gently push each of the balls through it until it sits against your pelvic bone and voila! You’re done

A Cock ring should never be too tight – you can harm the penile tissue by excessively limiting the amount of blood stream and well, it can hurt. A lot. The normal time span recommended for cock rings is 20 minutes. In case you're a newbie start off with smaller doses and gradually increase the length of time they’re on.

Types of Cock Rings



The Ovo B7 Cockring is a silicone cock ring that gently hugs the shaft. It is silicone so it’s fantastic for hygiene. One of the downsides of silicone is that it doesn’t stretch that much, so if you’re well on the larger side and you need to really open up a ring to get it on – then the silicone ring might not be for you. For everyone else though, it’s super comfy, grippy and the vibrations on this, whilst not overly strong, are still pleasant and comforting. You don’t necessarily need a stronger bullet, as the cock ring is meant to complement the sex, not overtake it. The B7 has a nice gentle curve on it which can be used to either hit the clit during penetrative sex, or to hug and vibrate the balls during sex or masturbation.

Intimate Erection Rings by Max Passion

Intimate Erection Rings by Max Passion

These cock rings are small and thin and are meant to be discreet. The little nodules on the sides are designed to place a little more pressure on the arteries without it constricting the rest of the shaft. This particular set comes in three sizes and is perfect for boys that want firmer erections, but don’t necessarily want the vibrations. Handy and fantastic value for money these rings are perfect all-rounders.

Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Stainless Steel Cock Ring

The steel cock rings are the greatest of cock rings. They are durable hardy and provide the firmest of erections. You do need to take the greatest care in making sure these bad boys fit, because once they’re on. Well, they’re on. And if you get the wrong size they might just stay on. . . To measure up, grab a piece of string wrap it around the base of your dick when you’re soft and hard and measure the length of the string and divide it by 3.14. This will give you the average diameter that you need to get a hold of. Pay particular care to the length of time that metal ones are on.

Leather Cock Ring

Leather Cock Ring

Leather cockrings look fucking hot. I’m not just saying that because I’m a leather boy either, but they look hot. They feel hot and they’re generally adjustable. So if you need a bit of a better boost on a particular day then you can crank up the notches and go to town. If you feel like you only need a little boost, the all you do is undo some latches and you’re good to go. The only bad thing about leather cock rings is that they do require a little extra care and attention. These guys are porous so they absorb a lot of body sweat and If you’re not thorough with cleaning then they’ll get a little funky.

the cock ring

Overall – you can’t go past the steel cock rings. However, for the newbie – I highly recommend the silicone cock rings. Not all of them are vibrating, and even if you get a vibrating one doesn’t mean you have to turn the vibrations on every time you use it! The silicone ones are firm, yet stretchy, and are a great introduction to the cock ring world.


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One of the most common forms of male sex toys are the masturbators. Ranging from full scale blow ups with realistic features, silicone, warming devices and moveable arms, to your standard blow up devices, to your palmers and jerk off assistance toys. The Japanese are probably the most innovative when it comes to sex toys – and their Tenga range is one of the best masturbators on the planet. It’s interesting watching the rise of sex toys in such a conservative country that places great emphasises on working and family life. Indeed, the amount of places that specialise in ‘intimacy’ in japan is astounding.


mens sex toys

These places range from cuddle bars, to dress up bars to hard core sex venues run by the Yakuza - there have been several interesting documentaries on them. Unfortunately, there are a large amount of single Japanese men due to the gender disparity of the nation and so the sexual culture has been slowly shifting. Japan is where the life size silicone dolls originated from in order for men to deal with being single for prolonged lengths of time. Masturbators don’t necessarily replace human contact but they do provide an alternative sexual relationship that doesn’t necessarily involve ones hands – and when you look at the inside textures of a Tenga flip hole, it’s easy to see why masturbators are such a popular sex toy not just for single men but also for couples as well.

tenga flip hole

Types of Masturbators

Tenga Flip hole and Tenga Eggs

Tenga Flip hole and Tenga Eggs

In the event that you need an all-out 21st century masturbation experience, attempt the Tenga Flip hole. This masturbation sleeve is super easy to clean, resembles a science fiction nerd device and most people say it feels AMAZING. The Tenga flip holes are one of the most popular masturbators on the planet they are incredibly intense, utilise a lot of research on what feels good for the dick and they are a breeze to clean. The Tenga masturbators come in a variety of colours ranging from red, grey, silver, black and white. My two favourite ones are the black and white which are exactly the same internally just a much softer (white) and firmer (black) texture which separates the two masturbators. The three little buttons on the side are there to create the level of intensity on the cock. For example, if you want more pressure at the base, middle or head of the dick, you’d just press the corresponding button which would squeeze down on the unit. Once you’re finished you just open up the unit (it splits neatly in half) flush it out, dry it out and boom! You’re done.


The small and easy to use Tenga Egg is ideal for that wants to get some extra action without forking out a load of cash for it. Tenga Eggs are discretely-bundled, helpful and fun. They additionally arrive in a choice of textures so you can practice with all of them to find your favourite. You crack open an egg, open up the included lubricant and put it into the eggs, place it over your cock grab firmly and pull it down and stroke. It’s pretty self-explanatory – they’ll stretch over virtually anything and you’ll be a very happy guy. They were initially developed in Japan as a kind of disposable masturbator – and whilst I don’t advise keeping them around forever, you can use them a couple of times before you have to throw them out.



The term masturbator has almost been synonymous with the term Fleshlight since they first started gracing the market back in 1998. They have since risen in popularity growing from strength to strength and adding to their range on an almost yearly basis. The Fleshlight generally come in four different ranges; original, Fleshlightgirls, Fleshjack boys and the Fleshlight freaks. All of which have done extremely well. The Fleshlight girls will come in three textures; swallow, lotus and forbidden with each texture having different and unique features.  The swallow will have a very tight canal halfway through the casing which is designed to feel as similar to a mouth as possible, the forbidden is one of the tightest Fleshlight’s available and each little bump has the sole purpose of attempting the squeeze the hell out of your cock. A thing it does very very well.

Love Dolls

Love Dolls

The love dolls can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They can quarter moulds (just of the pelvic region), half moulds (toes to waist), three quarter moulds (toes to shoulder) or even full moulds. Love dolls may not come with the textual advantages of the smaller masturbators but what they do excel in is realism. Rather than fucking a Fleshlight which comes in at about half a kilo, you can have sex with a half mould which comes in at 6 kilos.

It can actually feel like you’re holding a girl (or boy – some dolls come in the boy version), against the wall and going to town. The full body moulds can be so ultra-realistic that it’s actually hard to determine what’s real and what’s not. These Japanese sex dolls come at a price though – the Australian companies will charge into the tens of thousands depending on the model, extra features and realistic aspects that you’re after. Love dolls are generally made soft cyber skin materials which can be blends of silicone, rubber and elastic gels. Some dolls are made of cheaper TPE materials which will deteriorate over time.



Palmer masturbators are the smallest and cheapest masturbators. These masturbators are generally only a few inches long and will not completely cover the entirety of average to above average sized cocks. These types are great gag presents, or simple fantastic models for naughty weekends away, or for the girlfriend’s weekend away. These masturbators can be used by single males, or couples whereby the partner will use the masturbator to stroke a guy off rather than using their hand.

Japanese Sex Doll

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An Insightful look into one of the most popular sex toys in Asia

China has one of the biggest populations in the world, and with 118 boys for every 100 girls, there are several excruciatingly horny (and very single) men. It is no wonder then that Chinese men are purchasing silicone models of ladies, to love, hold, fuck and to even simply spend some quality intimate time with. These aren’t your entry level dolls though – these dolls can cost into the tens of thousands of Australian Dollars. There are several brands on the market and some of them have even started venturing into the Western Markets. It's a movement that is sweeping across the country at exactly the same time that men are struggling to find intimacy with real people.

japanese sex doll

In a nation that supplies 70 percent of the world's sex toys, and with a rapidly expanding working class with more opportunity and money than any other time in recent memory, it's not unexpected that individuals are getting their jollies in more exploratory ways and constantly pushing the boundaries of sex and sexuality. Porn is a national offense, and the maker of the country's biggest porn site is serving life in jail. In spite of this, the sex-toy industry is worth generally $2 billion in China. The questions must be asked though; what’s so exceptional about these dolls specifically? Why spend such an enormous amount of money on something which is basically a lifeless mannequin?

With the assistance of an interpreter, I talked straightforwardly to one of the people representing one of the numerous sex doll makers in China.

"Current clients of these sex dolls do as such for the accompanying three fundamental reasons," Zu says. "To start with, to fulfil a physiological need – these men do not always have access to single females and many of them will find it morally wrong to go to a brothel. Second, they want to have photographs with them and spread them onto their social networks. Third, cosplay ."


sex dolls

Why, then, has there been a sudden blast in their popularity? It is here that I’ve realised that they have always been enormously popular within the Asian markets but with recent technological advancements it is often quite difficult to discern between a doll and a real human. Not only am I talking about advancements in appearance, facial expressions and body types but also with new ‘warming technology’, robotic movements, eyes that seem to actually see you and whole stores dedicated to dressing your dolls exactly how you want them to. A new range of dolls have recently been released which are based on international western appearances rather than of Asian descent. "These dolls have an outer appearance much like genuine individuals, and they can move much like genuine individuals," says Zu Han. "The best sex dolls are a cutting edge show-stopper. In the same way that a young lady can have a wonderful Western face, so can your brand new sex doll. She can fulfil every single one of your desires and wishes.’

adult smart

Other dolls are even more refined.  These dolls have their own particular temperatures which mimic the standard human temperature at36.6 degrees. These newer dolls also feature a "metal skeleton," and a "genuine sex voice," so you know she's not faking it. Although, it surely would be crushing if you couldn’t satisfy a sex doll, so I’m questioning the authenticity of that pleasure.

"The truth is that sex dolls are simply a distraction or a hobby, much the same as skateboarding or photography," Zu lets me know. “There’s really no difference except with these hobbies you can have sexual relations with them and develop feelings and intimacy with.”

This is echoed in an interview with the Japan Times by doll enthusiast Liu. When asked if he would consider the less expensive blow-up alternative, he responded: "No way [he'd] have sex with that kind of cheap plastic." His disgust was quite palpable at the mere suggestion he'd swing his wang anywhere beside his wife or doll 156, his personalized, lifeless doorway into all his sexual desires. This makes sense: If you're a beer fan, you're not going to drink Hamm's when you can get a Sierra Nevada, are you?

doll devotee

This sentiment is gently reminded by a meeting with doll devotee Liu. When he was asked if he would consider the less lavish sex doll, he responded with by saying that there’s no way he’d put his cock in such shoddy plastic. This married man has a doll simply to fulfil his fantasies which his wife cannot. This provides him with a safe alternative rather than hurting the woman he loves. It took some time, but his wife now accepts that he has two women in his life. In a nation where the expense of one doll is generally double the normal wage in Shanghai and the main point of a doll is sexual, which can be given by your hand, what's the point?

As Zu had cautioned me, it's not about sex. Sex is just a piece of it. Indeed there are groups online where individuals go to talk about anything from how to take your doll on the perfect date, what’s the best way to look after and maintain your doll as well as to speculate what the latest features will be in the new generation of dolls. These enthusiasts are dedicated, devoted with the same amount of fervour as IPhone fanatics. These dolls are more than just a sex toy, but are an intimate part of the owner’s life. In a nation where there are millions of single men with very little chance of obtaining a partner these dolls provide a very real opportunity and lifestyle for these men.

Hot Octopuss Guybrator

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What is PULSE?

Above all else PULSE is a brand new one of a kind male stimulator that uses motions to create excitement for the man. It does tis through a unique oscillating technology that surpasses all kinds of vibrators. This is not a vibrator – this is a Guybrator with oscillating technology. This is PULSE's essential capacity and what separates it from all toys that have preceded it.



As well as being also being on the cutting edge of male sex toys as a solo piece, PULSE is an excellent addition to any couples toy collection as well! This Guybrator is astoundingly diverse and adaptable, as the PULSE can be utilized as a massager or even as an incredible hands free expansion to foreplay.

Part of the design of the PULSE configuration is that the man does not have to have an erection in order to be stimulated by it. The advantage of this is that if one suffers from erectile dysfunction or (ED) they can still be fully stimulated and experience the joys of this amazing Guybrator. And if it helps you develop an erection and overcome some of the things behind what’s causing the ED, then even better!


hot octopuss

Pulse: The Solo toy:

There has always been a distinct lack of toys for males on the market – and after years of research and development and drawings and planning they have finally come up with the PULSE. The vibrations on the frenulum have been designed and researched in order to cause the most intense pleasure in the male and through the oscillating pulse plate this toy has been designed to create some very powerful orgasms in ways that you’ve never experienced before. The Pulse can be used in two ways – you can put some lubricant on the pulse and your own cock and then use it as a stroker  - the likes of which you’ve never felt before.  This next generation stroker eclipses anything else on the market. There’s NOTHING like it.

The second way the PULSE can be used is as a hands free stimulator. As it’s providing direct stimulation to the frenulum the PULSE can be used completely hands free – just insert the penis into the little wings which will hold it in place, lean back and enjoy the ride! There have been many reviewers which has stated that they have never felt such a more powerful and lengthy orgasm since using this machine. You’ll need to learn just how to jerk yourself off in new ways to fully experience everything that this toy has to offer. The great benefit of this is that if you suffer from arthritis, or some form of illness which sees your hand movement limited or deteriorated you can use this toy without compromising your hands or movement!


Pulse for Couples:

Worn by him, delighted in by both, PULSE is a surprising addition in couples' sex toys. The extraordinary hands free experience allows you to enjoy a wild ride. It’s not really comparable to the we-vibe as the we-vibe is primarily focused on her with you as a secondary, the same goes for the pulse. It’s primarily focused on you with her as a secondary. You’ll both , however, appreciate the vibrations that this toy emits and will transport foreplay into the main arena. It’s fun, one of a kind and beautifully sexy the pulse can be used on either a flaccid or erect cock and your partner can use it to stimulate you until climax for a unique hand job experience, or they can use it to get your heart racing before you both plunge deep into the depths of sexual pleasure. But don’t take our word on it – here ‘s Matt’s review.



‘When I at last do climax? I cum like a fucking cargo train tearing down the track attempting to make it to the home station. I shimmy, shake and shiver like the insane and for the most part wind up laying there having stomach fits that make me seem as though I'm having a seizure’ (Matt)

‘It shakes. I cherish it a great deal, and I'm really happy that I can take it into shower as well with its new waterproofing … and I usually have a hard time getting off in the shower by hand (or with a Fleshlight or other kind of device)’ (Ricky)

‘the first non-human experience to give me 'sex legs' (you realize that post-coital walk where you can't feel your legs and they’re numb and tingly and you strut about like a tipsy flamingo?’ (Ethan)

Cock Pumps

About Cock Pumps | Cock Pumps Reviewed

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Penis pumps are designed for two primary purposes; the first being penis enlargement and the second being for helping with erectile dysfunction. Urologists have long suggested that after prostate surgery there are many different techniques that people can try in order to overcome potential nerve damage and erection limitations. One of those things is the use of a vacuum pump or penis pump. The concept is simple – you use the pump to accelerate blood flow into the penile tissue and clamp it off with a cock ring. This allows people with limited erections to achieve a full erection without the need for corrective surgery, costly injections or the assistance of the little blue pills.



These pumps can come in a variety of materials, quality and types of cylinders. In a world where general practitioners, oncologists and surgeons don’t like to talk about sex after surgery it can be very difficult to find information about cock pumps and prostate surgery. Cock pumps may seem like relatively new products on the market especially with the recent technological advancements in the industry – however they have actually been around for a considerable amount of time.

At first the penis pump was composed as a treatment for ‘weak men’ and from its conception stages to even now – this purpose has not really changed that much. Whereas other sex toys have evolved over time the pump has remained fairly consistent and in much the same form as it was when it first started.


cock pump

It was not until the 1960's did it start to twist in its purpose and encompass sexual satisfaction as well. The sexual movement that occurred amid this time helped achieve an acknowledgment of sex toys in general and certain ways of thinking about sex started to change sexual behaviour within society. Since this period the devices have become much more advanced and it’s not uncommon now to see them automated, with pressure gauges and with ribbing on the inside to increase pleasure. In the medicinal world, the penis pump has kept on picking up importance as a common treatment for erectile brokenness (ED) and various penis issues such as Peyronie's Disease or rather, a significant bend in the cock. Therapeutic uses of the penis pump include in providing support in expanding blood stream to the penis because of issues connected with Diabetes, prostate disease recuperation, and different mental issues. One nice point in using the penis pump is that you are not required to have a prescription, better yet in some cases (speak to your doctor) the cost of a penis pump can be subsidised by private health insurance.

By this stage – I’m sure you have some questions so before we go into how to use cock pumps – let me answer a few of the most commonly asked questions that I received when working in an adult store.

cock pumps


1. Are cock pumps safe? Will it damage my dick?

As with anything, if you don’t use it correctly then yes, it can damage your cock. By over pumping you can burst a blood vessel and put your cock out of action until it recovers. The golden rule is very simple; if it hurts, stop. Over pumping can cause little red spots to appear on your cock, if this occurs you need to stop pumping immediately and cease pumping for a few weeks.


2. How big will my cock grow?

It really depends on your penile tissue, your pelvic bone and a few other factors. Results will vary but you can generally add an inch in length and half an inch in girth. There’s really no hard and fast rule about it.


3. How many times do I have to use it?

This depends on its use. If you’re using it to help with erections – then you’d use it any time that you’re having trouble with erections. If you’re using it for size and girth then you need to be using it three to four times a week for half hour sessions each time. A session will consist of you pumping it up by a few pumps, releasing the pressure, and pumping it up again with a few more pumps., holding it and then releasing the pressure. Imagine you’re lifting weights, that’s probably the best analogy to use when discussing cock pumps.

vacuum erection therapy


4. Will it help with ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

Yes. This is one of the main reasons that cock pumps exist and in actual fact is approved by the U.S Federal Drug Administration and the Australian TGA (therapeutic goods of Australia) as a leading treatment for impotence.


5. Are the results permanent?

Yes. You will begin to see girth and length results from your first few pumps – however this will be temporary. It is very much like going to the gym – you need to be working out three to four times a week. If you can manage this you’ll start seeing permanent results in the first few weeks.


6.  I have issues with blood, including a blood clotting disorder – can I use a pump?

NO! Remember the penis pump accelerates blood flow and brings blood to the penile tissue – if you have something like haemophilia you are not able to use penis pumps.


7. I have genital piercings – can I still use a cock pump?

In most cases – yes.  Try pumping it up slowly and building up the pressure and use common sense. If you suddenly experience any discomfort or notice any issues with your penis and surrounding area then you need to stop.

Anal Play

Anal Sex Tips | Better Anal Sex Guide

Anal Sex For Beginners | 101 of Anal Sex


Regardless of sexuality anal play can be the most intense form of stimulation for a guy. In today’s day and age more and more men are getting into anal play – no longer is it considered gay and dirty and any people that still believe that are not idiotic but also missing out on some fantastic opportunities. Sure, gay men are still the biggest players in anal sex and play – however there are a lot of healthy straight married guys that still love anal play and that can include anything from a finger, to plugs, vibrators or even letting their wives use strap ons. This is by no means a disintegration of their masculinity or their heterosexuality – some straight men just love it. It’s as simple as that and why they love it can be stated in two easy words; prostate stimulation.

anal play

The prostate, much like the female g spot, can be reached with a finger and by making the ‘come hither’ stroking motion. The prostate when correctly stimulated can give mind blowing orgasms and, whilst uncommon, some men can ejaculate and orgasm purely by prostate stimulation and with no penile stimulation whatsoever – in some rarer cases prostate stimulation can cause orgasm, but not ejaculation opening the door for multiple orgasms! Most males already stimulate their prostate even if they don’t do anal play. When most men ejaculate or orgasm, they thrust forward with their cock. What they’re unconsciously doing is constricting the anal cavity and placing pressure on their prostate. In fact, it is certainly natural and healthy to stimulate the prostate and with the right type of play and care can be very effective in reducing prostate cancer.

adult lifestyle centres

Before we look into the types of anal play that there are – let’s get some introductory anal play tips!

helix syn

1. Make sure you’re in the mood:-

The thing about the ass is that a lot of the muscles in there are involuntary –therefore if you’re not relaxed and in the mood then the sphincter muscles (the gatekeepers of the ass) are simply not going to open. Prodding something against them again and again isn’t going to make them want to open their doors either. If you’re struggling, try gently placing an anal toy there and distract yourself by jerking your cock or rubbing your nipple. Better yet, get a partner to do that for you!


2. Take Baby Steps:-

Do not go too fast. Do not go too large. Yes, the muscles stretch, but like working out you’re not going to be swallowing toys like a pro until you’ve had some practice. What I’ve told many of my clients at adult stores is this; like grocery shopping where they tell you to never shop when you’re hungry – you should never shop when you’re horny either. What looks like it’ll fit in the store may not fit at home and once it’s left the store – sorry. You’re going to have to work up to it now because it’s all yours!


3. Warm Up:-

Maybe warming up means some ass play, maybe it means some stroking, maybe it means some finger action. If you’re starting off with fingers – either yours or someone else’s – make sure that they’re trimmed and neat. The anal walls are sensitive to tearing and there’s nothing worse than developing a tear. Trust me – it stings like a mofo.


4. There is no such thing as too much lubricant:-

Seriously, overusing it when you first start with anal play is a whole lot better than under using it. I really recommend a silicone lubricant which can be used with all anal toys except silicone types. Silicone doesn’t dry out, it stays slick and when you’re dealing with a hole that doesn’t self-lubricate when something dries out, you’re going to find out very quickly! On top of that lubricating is just a pain in the ass and since silicone doesn’t usually need to be re-applied you only have to put it on once and it won’t affect your rhythm and routine later on.


5. Slow and steady wins the race:-

Don’t just jump straight on it, slow and steady that goes with anal fucking or anal toys. Start your thrusts slow, and gradually build up speed. Else, your muscles will go into shock and you’re going to have a bad time.


6. If cleanliness worries you – clean first:-

Douches are relatively easy to obtain. You fill them with warm – room temperature water. You gently squeeze the water into your anus as you stand in the shower or over the toilet – hold the water in for as long as possible and then expel the liquid. Rinse and repeat until the water comes out clean. It’s simple, and adds to that piece of mind. Don’t do this every day though – you’ll also be taking away the good bacteria and that can be bad and lead to all sorts of complications. Douche sparingly, and when needed. Over time, you’ll learn how to anticipate and prepare your body for some sexy anal fun times.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plug Guide | Guide To Butt Plugs

About Butt Plugs | Butt Plug Information


Butt plugs are an easy and effective way to provide prostate stimulation and they can come in two forms; your standard butt plug shape, or with a slight curve for intense prostate stimulation. Butt plugs can be used whilst having sex, or as a precursor for more intense anal play. Some guys will wear a butt plug when shopping, working, going to the gym or going for a jog which can be incredibly erotic.Think about, you’re wearing a butt plug on a date, or you know that your partner is wearing one and it can just be incredibly erotic knowing that by the time they come home they’re ready to fuck or be fucked. Butt plugs can come in a variety of textures and materials as well as shapes.


The standard materials of butt plugs are rubber, silicone, glass, metal, and wood each of the materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you’re first starting out with butt plugs, and I generally recommend this with all kinds of new sex toys, is to start off cheap to work out if you like it or not. While that gold-plated fitting may be terribly enticing, it may notgo down well if you decide that you’re not a fan of butt play. Another general rule of thumb for anal play beginnings is to start off small. This will work out quite well because the majority of thinner models will generally be cheaper as well. For a somewhat more adventurous beginning, you can get anal trainer kits which consist of several different and incrementally sized butt plugs to begin little and work your way up.

Oh Zone

Butt plugs will generally be of a similar shape, starting thin, widening and then finishing off in a wide lipped flange. The purpose of butt plugs varies according to the size. If it’s a wide bulbous plug then it’s designed to create a more filling sensation in the anus which some people find pleasurable. If it’s long and thin it can be designed to tickle the anal walls and provide sensation there. There’s no hard and fast rule about butt plug shapes and sizes – so it’s all about your own body and it’s limits and essentially practicing and finding out what’s good for you.

Types of Butt Plugs



Rubber butt plugs are generally the softer than silicone (there are exceptions), they’re also generally half the price. Rubber butt plugs are great for being introduced to anal play as they’re soft, squishy and bendy and you may not want to spend 40+ dollars on a butt plug. Rubber however is porous and there’s no way to sterilise them – I would never use a rubber butt plug between people and would recommend using separate rubber plugs. You can put a condom over rubber butt plugs, but this can be annoying, time consuming and costly. Rubber butt plugs will be able to handle any lubricant except oil based lubricants.

Silicone Butt Plug

Silicone Butt Plug

Silicone is a lot smoother than rubber and when you put lubricant on a silicone toy it glides like butter. Silicone is hypo allergenic, so if you’re allergic to the rubber butt plugs you’re going to have to go silicone, glass or metal. The majority of silicone toys are generally softish but still much firmer than rubber. Silicone butt plugs, like glass and steel, can handle being worn all day long as silicone doesn’t absorb bacteria. Silicone can also be sterilised with a 5% bleach solution or by putting the toy in boiling water or through a dishwasher.

Glass And Metal

Glass And Metal

Glass and metal plugs are almost identical in everything except the actual material used. They’re rigid and won’t bend, and on top of being hygienic and hypoallergenic you can also subject them to temperature play. One of the main advantages to glass and steel as a material for sex toys is the material itself. Glass and steel are actually silky smooth, so they require less grease to get all elusive and slidey, so a glass and steel toy will go into your hole much easier than a rubber or silicone – both of which can get a little grabby with lubricant. Another advantage to glass is it is nonporous, so microscopic organisms can't get underneath the surface and live and develop, so toys made of glasscan be cleaned effectively and safely. Glass and Steel will hold their temperature and you can alter that temperature by putting them in a cold or warm glass of water before insertion. This can provide some extra avenues of play and be incredibly fun for both involved.

Before you start to wonder about the safety of glass butt plugs – just remember that these are solid pieces of glass. Unless you’re going to be using heavy machinery or run the risk of falling over or throwing yourself against numerous brick walls – you’ll be fine. The only way to chip the glass is to throw it at something, and unless your ass muscles have developed the ability to throw butt plugs around (in which case you’ve outgrown this article), you won’t breaking a glass butt plug. Regardless, if you’re still worried and I cannot allay your concerns, try the steel butt plug.


What Is Pegging | Pegging Sex Tips

Pegging Advice | Pegging Instructions


There are some straight men that like anal play. There are also some straight men that are into ‘pegging’ or for the newbies this term alludes to ladies fucking men in the ass with strap-ons. But it’s not just about strap-ons and there’s far more complexity involved within this – just as intercourse should never be the be all and end all of hetero penetrative sex. One sad point to move beyond is the idea that having fun with anal sex or any kind of anal play makes you gay. I have some sensitivity for this point – I feel both sympathetic and angry. If you genuinely believe that enjoyment of any kind of anal sex or play must inherently make you gay, you are so far withdrawn from the realities of sex and sexuality that you can barely be criticized.



There are still a tremendous amount of individuals who don't have the faintest idea about the distinction between sex, or sex, or sexuality, or orientation, or trans or bi or les or queer. I need to acknowledge that a few individuals are going to take a gander at anal sex and think "gay" on the grounds that that is the manner by which gay has been made open for so long. I take it from this point of view: being gay is something that exists in your psyche. Not everybody who is gay likes or takes part in anal sex. Enjoying anal sex/play implies that you've had nerve endings animated and you then experience joy.


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Enjoyment is a separate concept to sexuality, in much the same was as loving guacamole doesn’t mean you love Mexican food. This doesn't imply that everybody will appreciate anal sex. Contrary to what some commentators out there say, I do not believe that this is or should be considered anything other than a sexual expression and is by no means relevant to a man’s ‘sexuality’. By that I mean just because a guy lets his girlfriends or wife fucks him doesn’t mean that he is any less straight than other guys – if you are insistent on thinking like that then you’re going to miss out on a lot of things in life. That kind of dichotomy whereby sexuality is suggested by ones inclination to anal play reduces sexuality to such a simplistic notion that it becomes ridiculous. Pegging is a natural expression that both partners must be comfortable with. As one man states when being interview about his pegging adventures with his girlfriend


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‘She enjoyed it more psychologically – the idea of being a ‘male’ and fucking and I enjoyed it more physically. Prostate stimulation is intense and orgasmic’

What this comment reveals is two things – first the woman’s interest and secondly his own interest. The female interest in this comment comes from the idea of flipping the gender in order to become a boy – kind of like imagining what you’d do if you had tits for a day. It’s about seeing what the other side does and then living up to that fantasy. For the female, in this story, it’s about her penis-envy. This is her psychological enjoyment – the empowering feeling of being a ‘male’ and acting that out. His liking towards pegging is about the physical enjoyment, the physical feeling of being fucked. He doesn’t mention about being fucked by a girl, nor does he want to be fucked by a guy. He merely comments that the act of being fucked is enjoyable. That doesn’t make him gay. He goes on to state that;


‘Letting my girlfriend fuck me in the ass didn't make me feel any less masculine or her any less feminine, but it did allow me to feel a vulnerability that I’d not felt before’

This comment of his is revealing that he didn’t feel any less of a man for being fucked. Sure, pegging is not everyone’s cup of tea – but it as extension on anal play that can be fun and exciting for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in pegging there’s a few things you’ll need to consider.


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As with any introduction to a new form of sexual play – you’ll need to bring it up with your partner first and slowly introduce the idea into the bedroom. If you’re both already into anal play – this introduction should be a relatively smooth transition, otherwise you’re going to have to start from the basics of anal play. Once you’ve covered that, you’re ready to move onto selecting a strap on.

For first strap on there’s two main things you’ll need to consider. Firstly, your comfort. Secondly, her comfort. There’s nothing worse than getting a strap on you can barely fit in your ass and keeps falling off her every time she thrusts. You both need to enjoy this and therefore you’re both going to have to find something you both like. Think of it like this – your girlfriend has picked out lingerie that she feels comfortable and sexy in VS you’ve picked out ill-fitting lingerie that she hates and is never going to feel attractive in it.  The toy is only half the battle – the rest of the battle lies in one’s ability to feel confident and sexy with their new ‘tackle’. There are two types of strap ons you can consider – actual strap ons with straps or strapless strap ons like the feel doe range.


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The feel doe range is one of the very few strap ones that provide stimulation for both the wearer and their partner. It is inserted vaginally and is held there by the pelvic floor muscles (you’ll need to make sure yours are up to scratch) and it vibrates for pleasure on both parties. This type of model is quite pricey though and as mentioned, you may need to invest in some Kegal balls if your muscles aren’t up to scratch.


Kegal Balls

When you’re first beginning out you might want to invest in something simple like the love rider range in the above photo. The love rider range has vibrating functions, a soft belt and the attachments are generally standard cock sized! It is the ideal beginner toy especially if you’re on a budget. What’s even better is that the attachment on this is made of a silicone – which is prefect for anal play and for safe and hygienic anal play. Once you’ve finished using it as a strap on – sterilise it or whack a condom over it and use it as a standard dildo! I’m all for versatility.

Anal Toys For Men

Anal Sex Toys For Men | Male Anal Sex toys

Mens Anal Sex Toys | Anal Sex Toys For Males

Types of Anal Toys For Men

Fun Factory Booty

Fun Factory Booty

The Fun Factory booty is a tiny prostate toy useful for sensational fucking. The toy is designed to be worn during sex and actively hits the prostate with each thrust. Pure silicone, soft and squishy this is one of the best intro to prostate toys anywhere. I’m also a fan of the Aneros range, but the booty plug as I mentioned earlier, is a very soft velvety silicone that actually moves with you in ways I can’t really describe. Just know that it moves with you, it’s also discreet enough that you can wear it and with some careful ‘editing’ you partner won’t even know you have it on. The lips on this plug are very thin and designed to ride up your butt crack to provide an invisible and seamless edge. This toy, whether it’s for fucking or for walking, will have you dripping with excitement in no time!

Fun Factory Semilino

Fun Factory Semilino

Another great fun factory toy is the semilino – it’s a powerful German made vibrator that I kid you not will vibrate your rib cage. This seemingly innocent toy is not for beginners though or as an introductory slash warm up toy. Those ridges can hurt and if you’re riding this toy and haven’t quite opened p yet then you’re going to be causing some shock to the sphincter muscles. This toy is quite small and fantastic for those getting used to anal play – just remember to adequately warm up the muscles first before hitting this bad boy.

Super Slyde

Super Slyde

For anal lubricant this is simply one of the slickest, easiest and most fun silicone lubricants you can have. It’ll stay slick, stay where you put it and comes off with soap and water. You won’t ever need to reapply lubricant when using this bad boy and you won’t have to worry about drying out or disrupting the rhythm or whatever fun you’re having. As an added benefit since silicone lubricant isn’t water soluble, you can use this for some hot shower action! This particular lubricant can be safely used with most toys – including glass, steel and silicone.

Colt Anal Douche

Colt Anal Douche

I like the colt anal douche because it has two nozzles. Therefore, you can also use this as a sex toy and warm up toy whilst cleaning yourself out. It’s a two for one deal! Colt toys are also made by boys, for boys, they generally understand that boys toys need to be a little more solid vs petite and they’re designed to last, pack a punch and handle a punch. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the douche when maintaining this unit and it’s small and compact and will easily fit into an overnight bag to take with you on naughty nights out!

Ouch Inflatable Dildo

Ouch Inflatable Dildo

When exploring the anal world and getting used to different things and sensations – some boys like to practice stretching their asses. This can be done, relatively easy at home and if you happen to come across a slightly larger than normal toy (or cock) then you’ve kind of prepared for it. That’s where this inflatable dildo comes in handy! It not only gives the sensation of being full (a sensation that some anal enthusiasts quite enjoy) but you can also use it to expand your anal strength at your own pace! I particularly like this one because it is a silicone material – however you can also get them in vibrating editions as well as butt plug shaped ones and all sorts of different shapes. This one is a little more of a personal opinion item for me, but if you’re interested in anal stretching this might be the toy for you.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads

Anal beads are designed to be worn during sex, and during orgasm they are to be removed. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the sphincter muscles (much like vaginal muscles) will contract during orgasm. By that I mean they’ll clench and release multiple times in rapid succession – it’s simply the muscles way of dealing with an orgasm. The purpose of the beads is to rip them out as these contractions are occurring in order to accentuate the contractions or double the contractions for unbelievably increased pleasure and stimulation. Anal beads come in all sorts of lengths, materials, differently sized balls. One thing you will need to ensure is that the string of the beads is of a hygienic material. Unless you’re going to throw them away after one use – you should never ever buy a fabric corded anal beads made from string. This material will absorb bacteria like the plague and can cause some nasty issues. Save yourself the trouble, go a silicone, metal, plastic or glass connectors. In the long run, you’ll thank me for it.


Cock Stuffing

What is Cock Stuffing | About Cock stuffing

Cock Stuffing For Men | Male Urethral Play


Cock stuffing, or "sounding" as it is brought in the S&M group, includes putting smooth, long, and slender surgical steel poles called "sounds" (subsequently the name "sounding") into a man's urethra. The two most normally utilized "sounds" are the Van Buren, which has a J-molded bend on the end, and the Dittle, which is straight. There are men out there that use other types of sounds such as thermometers, toothbrushes, rose stems and whilst these do the trick the metal sounds are not only much more hygienic but also profoundly safer as well. They do not soften during use, they retain their rigidity and are especially easy to sterilise, clean and maintain. Whilst you might find other items to be more accessible and easy to use, a glass thermometer for example may easily break and result in an awkward trip down to the emergency ward. Do yourself a favour and make sure you order sounds specifically for the purpose in which they are intended for.


Penis Plug

Sounders use heaps of lube, so the "sound" can without much of a stretch slide into the urethra – it needs to be done delicately as pushing or constraining can bring about tearing of the delicate tissue. Most sounders use either a natural based water based lubricant or a sterile lubricant that can be found in hospitals. When sounding, on the off chance that you experience a narrowing in the urethra that the "sound" won't go through (no doubt scar tissue), don't attempt to drive it through. More lube and a smaller sound may be more beneficial without causing any issues.



Saliva isn’t generally recommended, nor would I even recommend it for any kind of sexual practice. Why? It dries rapidly and whilst it may look hot and sexy, there’s nothing worse than a toy drying out at the most inconvenient of times and causing some really bad friction. Furthermore, sugars from the mouth can be found in salivation that may bring about urinary tract infections (UTIs) and cause all sorts of dilemmas. If there’s one thing you don’t want to be fucking around with it’s your dick. Sugars likewise can be found in a few sorts of lube, and it’s usually scientifically recorded as glycerine in the rundown of ingredients. Avoid these lubricants like the plague – go glycerine and paraben free where you can. Silicone-based lubes are longer enduring, yet water-based lubes may have a more slender consistency. Be that as it may, a few individuals discover silicone-based lubes to be somewhat harder to tidy up. Men discover what lives up to expectations by testing.

Individuals appreciate utilizing "sounds" for the pleasurable sensations felt while being embedded – you’re stimulating an area of the body that normally receives no attention. Think of the sensation you get when you orgasm pee – that intense relaxation of muscles you get when you’ve been holding off on peeing for a while and that just before feeling as it comes rushing past. Imagine that if you can and you’ll get a similar sensation to the feeling of sounding.  Whilst not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, sounders are predominantly situated within the bdsm community. There are also a small percentage of the bended "sounds” whose goal it is to make getting an erection difficult. On the off chance that a penis begins start getting erect, the individual with the sound inserted the sound must hold off until the erection dies down before proceeding. If you’re using a straight sound then erections will make little difference unless there’s a natural curve of the cock.


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The primary dangers with "sounding" are around tearing or cutting the urethra and infections from using unsavoury materials. Anything embedded into the urethra is to be cleaned to decrease the possibility of contamination both before insertion and after insertion. Some distress may be felt later if the sound has stretched the urethra, but this usually wears off pretty quickly – much like getting braces tightened or ears being stretched. On the off chance that that happens, individuals use smaller "sounds" and slowly increment from that. You can get sounding kits which will start off at 2-4 mm and build up to 16mm wide. Some men additionally feel burning when urinating, because of the disturbance. In the event that this burning happens repeatedly you may have developed an infection from using an unsuitable lubricant and will need to visit the doctor. A second maintenance thing that needs to be noted – is that when one has finished sounding they need to expel any leftover liquids or fluids from the urethral tract. This must be done as soon as possible by peeing and therefore cleaning through the urethral tracts. Even if you say that you "don't do it regularly" that certainly does not mean you needn't do it safely every time. Leave the thermometers, with the danger of broken glass and mercury harming, behind and put resources into a "steel" sound.